Ep 05: Live, study and learn Japanese in Japan – with Davide Rossi

Davide Rossi from Go Go NihonIf you’re a foreigner and were considering to come to Japan, you may soon realize that it requires lots of preparation, especially if you intend to stay for study or work. My guest Davide first came to Japan to study Japanese. He went, by himself, through the whole process of choosing a school, applying for a visa, finding an apartment etc.

Along the way, he encountered many struggles. This is when he realized that there was a market opportunity for helping other students facing similar problems. He then co-founded Go! Go! Nihon and today he is placing about 1,000 students to language schools every year.

Japan is, for many foreigners, an eldorado where they want to travel and even move to. Driven by the “cool Japan” image, the country attracts more and more foreigners every year. The number of tourists has crossed the 10 million cap in 2013 and thanks to the Olympics as well as a cheaper yen, that number is expected to double by 2020. With Davide, we’re discussing the opportunities that this might open as well as the difficulties foreigners may face coming to Japan.

Go! Go! Nihon is very international both internally and regarding its customer base. The team includes many nationalities from German, to Swedish, Japanese, American, Italian, Spanish, Mexican etc. and they have students coming from dozens of countries from all around the world. We dig into the way Go! Go! Nihon manages its work style with such a diverse team and how they do marketing to reach an international audience.

I had a great time catching up with Davide and I’m sure you’ll love his story as much as his restaurant recommendations 😉

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Show notes

  • (1:17) Introduction of Davide
  • (2:39) What is Go! Go! Nihon?
  • (6:03) First steps in Japan
  • (10:55) How it all started and setting up a business in Japan
  • (15:07) How to find your first clients
  • (20:37) Business model and marketing to a world market
  • (25:07) More foreigners coming to Japan
  • (31:05) Main struggles for foreigners coming to Japan
  • (34:49) Becoming an entrepreneur in Japan
  • (38:11) Work style with an international team
  • (44:01) Quick-fire questions


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