Ep 06: Learn how to cook like a local – with Tao Romera Martinez

tao from tadakuMy guest this week is Tao Romera Martinez, founder of Tadaku, a service that provides cooking lessons from locals, in Japan and abroad. Instead of going to fancy cooking schools, why not learning home cooking from ‘real people’ at their own house? Whether you’re looking to gain some skills in Thai, Indian, or Italian cuisine, Tadaku can help you have an intimate and authentic cooking class with a local.

For Tao, Tadaku is not just a food experience but a true human and social experience. He believes that cooking is a universal language and a great medium to help people know each other’s culture better. Even though the host and the guest don’t speak the same language, communication is not a problem when sharing an activity together.

In this episode, you’ll also get some advice if you want to learn how to cook but don’t know where to start. A really rich conversation where you can both improve your diet and your business knowledge.

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Show notes

  • (1:30) Introduction of Tao
  • (5:31) From day job to freelancer to entrepreneur
  • (10:03) Beginning of Tadaku and the universal language of cooking
  • (16:40) Coming up with great ideas
  • (17:36) The hiring question when you’re a startup
  • (19:52) Details of the Tadaku service
  • (26:04) Targeting foreigners living in Japan
  • (28:38) Inviting people at home in Japan
  • (30:34) Long term vision
  • (34:59) The art of cooking and how to learn
  • (41:10) Cooking as a social experience
  • (44:11) Is there a good diet?
  • (47:44) Incorporating or not in Japan?
  • (51:18) Project management with a small team
  • (53:17) Quick-fire questions


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