Ep 07: Disrupting a non-conventional industry – with Yu Shinohara

yu shinoharaDid you know that the Funeral industry in Japan was bigger than mobile gaming in all South-East and East Asia? 1.5 billion dollar per year in revenue! This is the sector that my guest, Yu Shinohara, has decided to disrupt.

I was blown away by how little that industry has evolved and how much opportunity it would offer to whoever dared changing the rules. I also realized that there are plenty of other industries out there that are waiting for entrepreneurs to disrupt them.

Shinohara-san’s company, AmazingLife, provides funeral and cremation services over a simple smartphone app. He’s also just launched a new service to manage inheritance to your love ones.

In the interview, we discuss about how he got all these non-conventional ideas, and how he does marketing in such a sensitive industry. We also explore the future of the life ending industry and the growing role of wearable devices.

I was truly grateful to have Shinohara-san on my show. He’s been very kind to share with us his personal and touching story which led him to start AmazingLife, a company born from anger. I hope this episode will inspire you and make you think big and unconventional.

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Show notes

  • (1:30) Introduction of Yu Shinohara and his startups career
  • (4:59) Two funds raising and several partnerships later
  • (8:30) AmazingLife’s story, a company born from anger
  • (11:34) Funeral industry and how disrupting a non-conventional sector
  • (20:24) Inheritance too goes digital
  • (28:19) How to deal with a regulated industry
  • (32:56) Marketing a life ending service
  • (37:36) How is it accepted to work in death related business?
  • (39:47) The future of the life ending industry assisted with wearable devices
  • (44:50) Quick-fire questions


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