Ep 09: Startup jobs in Japan and the recruiting revolution – with Nikola Pavesic

Nikola PavesicFinding a job is already a hard task, but finding a job at a startup is almost “mission impossible”. Most of startup jobs aren’t listed anywhere. Small ventures usually don’t have the resources to post on traditional job boards, let alone working with traditional recruiting companies. So, if you’re looking to work for a startup, your options are usually very limited.

It is an issue for startups too. When looking to grow their teams, startups usually reach out their direct circle of friends, but have trouble putting the word out there. With such limitations, they are very unlikely to find the suitable candidates they are looking for. That’s the problem “Justa” is trying to solve.

My guest, Nikola Pavesic (Nik), is leading Justa’s ambition: “matching startups with great talents in Japan.” In the show, he reveals the secrets of the recruiting industry and shares with us his vision on the evolution of the employment market for startups.

Nik is also highly connected in the Japanese startup ecosystem. In about half a year, he not only launched Justa’s platform but was able to grow a massive awareness of his service inside the startup community. He explains to us the strategies he used to increase his user base, and to sign-up his first clients. He also shares with us his view on the local startup ecosystem in Japan.

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities or just want to get up to date with the startup job market, I’m sure Nik’s insights will prove very helpful.

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Show notes

  • (1:30) Introduction of Nikola Pavesic
  • (3:40) Presentation of Justa
  • (8:06) The first 6 months biggest challenges
  • (11:00) How to get your first clients and users
  • (14:50) Improving job matching by focusing on skills
  • (18:14) Business model
  • (21:44) Job market in Japan
  • (27:08) Startups recruiting business
  • (30:22) Justa team
  • (32:28) The future of the recruiting market in Japan
  • (35:25) Creating a more cohesive and integrated startup ecosystem
  • (47:37) Quick-fire questions

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