Ep 10: Computer Code, the new universal language? – with Masanori Kato

masanorikatoWhat do you think will the mainstream language of the 21st century be? Still English? Maybe Chinese or Spanish? And how about “Computer Code“? After all, this is the most widespread language in the world if you consider that pretty much any machine you interact with needs to understand code.

Who really needs to learn code? And more importantly: do you need it? That’s the main question I asked my guest, Masanori Kato, on this week’s episode.

Masa, is my youngest guest on the show and yet, he’s one of the most inspiring I’ve had so far. He’s the founder of Progate, an online solution that teaches you how to code. Traditionally, coding is taught from theory to practice. But what Masa realized was that the best way to learn and progress is to start typing your first lines of code right away – beginning with practice. This is precisely what progate is providing.

At just 21 years old, Masa found the courage to drop out from Tokyo University (Japan’s most prestigious school) to follow his vision and passion. He already raised money twice in less than 6 months and he’s now fully dedicated to Progate, working and living together with his 5 other team members. Therefore, it was natural for me to ask him what could be done to motivate the young generation in Japan to become more entrepreneurial.

If this show convinces you that you should give coding a try, Masa also shares his best pieces of advice to help you get started with coding: which language to start with, what software and other resources to use etc. You’ll have all you need to hack your programming skills.

Do you also think learning computer code will become a necessity?

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Show notes

  • (1:50) Introduction of Masa
  • (3:09) Progate introduction
  • (10:20) Realising you can make money with programming
  • (12:47) Safer to work for your startup than for a big company
  • (16:14) Business model
  • (17:01) Progate team
  • (18:20) Japan’s young generation mindset and the importance of a role model
  • (21:42) What did it take to drop out of school?
  • (24:59) Computer coding as a second language
  • (29:10) How to learn programming
  • (35:06) Quick-fire questions

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