Ep 13: Multiple careers and the knowledge sharing economy – with Eiko Hashiba

Eiko Hashiba from VisasQDid you know that the average millionaire has seven sources of income? We no longer live in a flat world where you can only rely on your day job. The economy has become too uncertain to put all your eggs in one single corporate basket. Rather, following multiple careers at the same time has become the way towards success and financial freedom.

Having multiple sources of income allows you to diversify your financial risk. Even if you get fired at one job or go bankrupt at another, you still have several other streams of revenue to support you. You also multiply your chances of success by investing yourself into various projects, which might also have positive side-effects on each other. However, in the economy we live in, most of our skills and knowledge remain confined in one single company and most of our potential stays unexploited.

Promoting the knowledge sharing economy is the challenge that my guest Eiko Hashiba has decided to tackle. She’s the founder CEO of VisasQ, a crowdsourcing service for business knowledge. Experts can register on VisasQ platform and tag their areas of expertise. On the other side, you have companies who are looking for specific knowledge and can tap into this pool of skilled professionals for a consultation. From online marketing to chemicals, companies can access a wide range of knowledge without the hassle of hiring somebody or going through a traditional consulting company.

Eiko believes that the multiple careers trend and she hopes her service will encourage more people to use their knowledge outside their day job. As of today 70% of the 5000+ registered experts are salaried employees. Her vision is to make knowledge crossing companies boundaries, countries borders, and generations.

Nobody understands better than Eiko what it is like to follow multiple careers. She’s a Mom Entrepreneur and being a mom is like having another full time job. We talk about the challenge of raising a child while having your own business. We also discuss about parenting and whether parents should encourage their kids to take more risk and be more entrepreneurial.

Eiko delivers many encouraging messages and I am sure she will inspire people, from working mothers to young entrepreneurs.

Question(s): What additional source of income can people easily implement? What should be done to encourage working mothers? (reply in the comments)

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Show notes

  • (3:10) Presentation of VisasQ
  • (11:11) Spreading knowledge
  • (13:54) From life long employment to multiple careers
  • (19:53) Using investment money & financing
  • (24:18) Vision for VisasQ
  • (26:50) University degrees versus work experience
  • (29:12) Parenting and making kids more entrepreneurial
  • (33:01) How to be a mom entrepreneur
  • (40:46) Quick-fire questions

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