Ep 21: On fraternities, meditation and spirituality – with Chad Kreller

Char KrellerIs there a global spiritual revolution going on? I see more and more entrepreneurs and business leaders adopting meditation or other sorts of spiritual practices. Is this just a trend or is there something deeper happening?

Whether in our business or personal life, we all go through tough times. There are always unexpected events destroying our plans and affecting our well-being. In our career, we might not get the promotion that was promised to us. In our business, our main clients might suddenly turn to our competitor. Although we know that life is a bumpy road, it is so easy to get affected by these events. And so we are all trying to find ways to get through and move forward.

To talk about it, I was glad to invite a very different type of guest this week. His name is Chad Kreller, Director at Intelligence Global Search (IGS), one of the leading recruiting companies in Japan. Chad shares his personal story about how he went through dark times at his job. He explains how his physical and mental health were affected and shares the recipes of his recovery.

Chad believes that we are our own perception, and therefore we can control our emotions. He explains the process which led him to get better: starting with identifying the cause and regaining control over his mind and body.

Chad is a very fascinating person. He is part of several fraternities ranging from friendship group to secretive organizations like freemasonry. He talks openly about what’s going on inside these fraternity groups, and the various practices he’s learnt with them.

This is an experimental episode stepping about outside entrepreneurship. You may agree or disagree with what you listen. But at least, I hope this conversation will make you ask questions and raise your curiosity.

Questions: Do you have any spiritual practice? How do you deal with stress? (reply in the comments)

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Show notes

  • (3:30) Presentation of Chad
  • (5:12) Gyros International
  • (8:07) What’s a fraternity
  • (9:23) Free Mason & Circes International
  • (11:44) Going through tough times
  • (19:00) Meditation and spiritual practices
  • (25:01) Global spiritual revolution
  • (26:22) Can you be spiritual without being religious
  • (30:57) Fraternities and secrets
  • (34:02) Frontier between fraternities and cults
  • (38:07) Practical advices
  • (41:11) Quick-fire questions

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  • A. Cron
    Posted at 01:48h, 10 June Reply

    Very interesting podcast! It’s great to get an insight into those fraternities.
    I think for the lay person the whole 2012 thing is very difficult to grasp and I’m not convinced it was anything at all. It very well could be the esoteric expression of the culmination of the rise of the internet, which has certainly allowed the average person access to information about their own psychology that would have been somewhat expensive to get at before.
    Similarly, regarding the Age of Aquarius following 2012, I think this kind of terminology can drive people away from the meditation practises the guest mentions. However, I think if we replace the Age of Aquarius with ‘the Information Age’ brought about by the rise of the internet, it describes what’s happening in a more mundane way that can compliment the esoteric descriptions by adding a more practical element to them.
    Of course, the fraternities the guest mentions seem to use the more esoteric descriptions (I don’t know, not being in them myself) so I’m certainly not ragging on Mr. Kreller.
    All in all, this was a surprising but certainly worthwhile diversion from the usual JVS podcast!

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