Ep 25: Challenging yourself and creating your own luck – with Yuka Fujii

yuka_fujiiWhile it is true that you need luck to succeed, it is also fair to say that you successful people create their own luck. Challenging yourself and shaking your daily life routine is usually a good way to start.

My guest this week is a typical example of someone who lives by these rules. I was pleased to sit with Yuka Fujii, founder of a company called Famarry. Yuka explains how she moved by herself to Vietnam when she was 27, with the ambition of contributing to this rapidly growing economy. Although challenging at first, she created her first business in less than three weeks. She tried her chance and the chance smiled back at her. Less than a year later, the business was sold, and she decided to challenge herself somewhere else. She then moved to Singapore, working as a consultant and launching a new venture.

Yuka explains how living in many countries has shaped her current mindset and contributed to her successes. Her international exposure started very early on. She was born in Syria before moving to Dubai where she lived the first years of her life. After getting some business experience in South-East Asia, she eventually decided to come back to Japan to start Famarry, her current venture.

Famarry is a platform to help couples find a photographer for their pre-wedding photo session. In Asia, it is common practice for couples to take photos in traditional outfits before the actual wedding ceremony. With her service, she makes it easy for couples to choose the right photographer, based on the photo style they are looking for.

Along this interview, we talk extensively about her experience doing business in three very different markets: Vietnam, a rapidly growing economy; Singapore, a business friendly environment; and Japan, a rich nation with a big domestic market. She discusses about the difficulties she experienced in each of these markets and explains the reasons that led her to come back to Japan.

We also talk about the importance for business founders to surround themselves with the right people. She shares with us how she found her co-founders. We also debate about the pros and cons of having employees compared with business partners.

An inspiring guest which I hope will make you challenge yourself and create your own luck.

Questions: How do you create your own luck? What difficulties have you faced doing business in a country that is not your own? (reply in the comments)

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  • (1:54) Presentation of Yuka
  • (3:08) Creating your own luck
  • (7:30) Starting a business in Vietnam
  • (11:04) Business development in a foreign country
  • (13:17) Setting a business in Singapore
  • (15:28) Wedding photography in Japan
  • (19:53) Advantage doing business in your own country
  • (21:33) First funds raising
  • (23:04) Famarry service
  • (23:45) Finding your first users
  • (25:43) Competition
  • (30:10) Importance of building the right team
  • (39:07) Benefits of international backgrounds
  • (41:58) Pros and cons of doing business in Japan
  • (46:49) Quick-fire questions

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  • John Fallon
    Posted at 11:19h, 09 July Reply

    Good article, I totally agree you have to disrupt your life sometimes to re-energise your motivation and discover your passion. I was born in Ireland and moved to Australia when I was 26 and had 9 very successful years here as an external auditor. Now I have decided to turn that career upside down and move to Tokyo in August this year to start afresh. You can learn so much about yourself when you start over, I don’t know what is ahead but I am excited to find out…!

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