Ep 44 – Pioneers Asia to Inspire, Empower and Connect Start-ups – with Andreas Tschas

andreas tschasPioneers Asia is coming this year to Tokyo to boost the local startup ecosystem. Its mission: Inspire, Empower, and Connect all actors, from start-ups, to corporates and help bridge Europe with Asia.

My guest Andreas Tschas, initially launched a venture called StartEurope right after graduation in 2009, at the peak of the economic crisis. Unemployment rates were booming all over Europe, and he felt that technology had the power to improve economic conditions. But unemployment was just one of the many problems technology could solve. From green energies to clean water, many challenges were starting to see new solutions. That’s when Andreas realized that he had to think global and StartEurope became Pioneers.

At its core, Pioneers is a startup festival. Andreas believes that events have the power to start ecosystems and help them grow. To date, Pioneers organized over 200 events, from over 30 cities around the globe. But Pioneers is more than just gathering people together. Pioneers Discover for instance is a platform for start-ups and big corporations to collaborate. And Pioneers Ventures a 10 million dollar fund to invest into promising innovative companies.

I was so glad to have Andreas on the show as I’m myself proud to be part of the Pioneers adventure. For the past few months, I’ve been running the Pioneers Dojo, a 5-month start-up mentoring program. Working together with the Pioneers Asia team has been such a rich experience. I’ve learnt so much about event organization and I was curious to ask Andreas what he believes are the keys to pull off a great event.

Now we’re just about a month away from Pioneers Asia, so if you haven’t done so, I encourage you to get involved and be part of this incredible journey together.

Questions: What are the main global challenges that technology should focus on? What should a great start-up event be about? (reply in the comments)

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  • (0:24) Introduction of Andreas
  • (2:20) Consulting by students
  • (6:51) StartEurope and solving unemployment
  • (9:17) Thinking global
  • (12:22) More than 200 events
  • (13:47) Corporates are lacking innovation
  • (17:02) Solving world’s biggest challenges
  • (19:03) The art of organizing events
  • (24:52) Pioneers Asia
  • (34:14) Quick-fire questions

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