Ep 47 – Half a Year as a First Time Entrepreneur – with Natali Jaafar

Natali JaafarSo many people want to become an entrepreneur, yet the vast majority stays on the planning side and never cross the bridge to the execution side. My guest today never had any entrepreneur experience whatsoever just half a year ago. But after 6 months, she acquired paying customers and was able to pitch at Pioneers Asia, one of Asia’s leading startup events.

I was happy to sit with Natali Jafaar, co-founder of ZOE, a automated delivery service of sanitary products for women. Everything started when Natali initially joined Pioneers Dojo, a 5-month startup mentoring program, that I was proudly leading. Together with 50 other participants, the program was designed to give a basic tool kit for first time entrepreneurs. Supported by 15 other mentors, participants were tasked to build a project from the ground up: from finding their business ideas to getting their first paying customer. Eventually ZOE won the first prize of the program and secured a spot to pitch at Pioneers Asia.

Natali shares with us her amazing journey. She tells us about how she met one of her co-founder at the program, and how they eventually came up with their business idea. She also explains about what most first time entrepreneurs have to deal with, that is finding time to grow a project while having a day job. I believe many listeners will be able to relate to this interview and hopefully find some practical advice to succeed with their own venture.

Questions: What are the main mistakes to avoid as a first time entrepreneur? When is the right time to quit your day job? (reply in the comments)

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  • Introduction of Natali
  • Pioneers Dojo: a 5-month mentoring program
  • Choosing her co-founder
  • ZOE: monthly pack for women’s period
  • Product validation
  • Growing the customer base
  • Delivering just in time
  • Long term vision
  • Why you shouldn’t quit your day job
  • Peer mentoring
  • How to manage team work
  • Finding the time when you’re busy
  • Having clear goals
  • Pitch training
  • Pitching for your audience
  • Quick-fire question

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