Ep 50 – On Starting a VC Fund and the New Education Paradigm – with Allison Baum

allison baumFrom a job on Wall street, to an Ed-tech Startup, to VC. That’s the atypical career path of my guest this week. Allison Baum, is a Partner at Fresco Capital, a Venture Capital Fund focusing on global early-stage startups that she co-founded in January 2014.

Allison shares with us her passion for education and we discuss about the ongoing transformations that this sector is going through. Indeed, the digitalization of contents now allows anyone to get access to education, on demand, and at a fraction of the cost. While this trend is spreading around the world, I’m asking Allison if she believes that this could be the end of Universities.

She also explains how she moved from Goldman Sachs to General Assembly, an education startup. On her first day, she says, she realized that she didn’t know anything about the job, and was told to launch an education program in just two weeks. Finding the people who know what you don’t know seems to be her most valuable lesson.

Now Allison manages the Japan office her VC firm. We talk about her decision to come to Japan and about the business opportunities she sees here, as the country is getting more global.

Questions: Do you think Universities will disappear? What are the main opportunities as Japan is getting global? (reply in the comments)

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  • General Assembly
  • New education paradigm
  • First day at a startup
  • When you don’t know anything
  • The end of traditional education?
  • The limit of being remote
  • Japanese education system
  • Ed-tech startups
  • Open Hong Kong Office
  • Starting a VC fund
  • Questions to startups pitching
  • Business in Japan
  • Slow decision, fast execution
  • Quick-fire questions

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