About the Japan Venture Show

I started The Japan Venture Show at the end of 2014, with the ambition to spread the entrepreneurship mindset in Japan and developing a community to help young entrepreneurs.

In the Japan Venture Show Podcast, I interview entrepreneurs and other actors of the local startup scene, asking them about their stories, their successes and also their struggles. More than just a business program, this show covers multiple topics related to life improvement in general such as productivity, life hacking and financial freedom.

Along with the podcast, I have developed programs to help first time entrepreneurs get started with their projects. I am aware that starting something new and embracing change is hard. Therefore, I am willing to help you taking this exciting journey!

After 51 episodes and even more guests, I’ve decided to stop continuing the show. I explain the full reasons in this blog post. That said, the lessons and advice in these episodes are timeless and I hope will keep inspire listeners of the Podcast.

I’m always available for advice and consultation, so please feel free to contact me.


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