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Startups Founders Too Need Help

Running a startup is a tough and exhausting job. I know, I’ve been there. Everything usually go in a different way that what’s planned.

Usually founders keep their fears hidden because they worry about how they would be perceived. But the truth is that all founders are haunted with questions, always wondering if they are doing the right thing.

Every day I am talking with entrepreneurs who tell me about their fears and questions:
“Which market segment should we target?”
“Which feature should we focus on?”
“I’m drown doing tasks that are time consuming but not important”
“I wonder if I will ever be able to materialize my vision”
“Our team is never on time with the planning”
“Our competitor is growing dangerously”
“Am I doing the right things?”

If you too have fears and questions, and would like to find answers, contact me for a first consultation.

Value Proposition

I don’t claim being an expert at everything. I can give you some advice on marketing and financing but I’d rather focus on where I know I can bring you value to your company.

My main focus is to help you on your Strategy, your Product and your Operations.


  • Business planning
  • Market analysis
  • Market target and customer segments
  • Competitor analysis and differentiation
  • Defining your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Risks assessment


  • Product strategy from MVP to multi-products line
  • Features definition and prioritization
  • Product design and UX consulting
  • Validated learning


  • Productivity hacking
  • Internal process improvement
  • Lean startup methodology
  • Team workflows
  • Problem resolution

“Working with Frederic is a great experience. Being first time entrepreneurs we needed someone to keep us focus and with a critical eye on our project. From the beginning, Frederic has always been giving us very good advice and his comments helped us move forward. Thanks to his expertise, we are improving our project everyday and it gives us more and more confidence.”
Thomas Pouplin & Yasmine Djoudi
Founders of Ikkai
Andreas Krohnke
“I needed help with verifying my startup idea, develop it with minimal risk and bring it to market quickly and safely. To my support, I’ve used Frederic’s expertise and experience as a sounding board, to make sure that I remain on tracks. He helped me develop a marketing strategy, advised me on how to prototype my product in a very short time frame, as well as gathering actionable feedback from customers.”
Andreas Kröhnke
Founder of Food With Me?
“I have decided to work together with Frederic because I see him as someone who has an authentic and dynamic understanding of the challenges an entrepreneur faces in Japan. By virtue of his network and exposure, Frederic can accurately advise on what paths lay before a business at an early stage and help you tailor your launch for maximum efficiency. I personally am very excited to continue our collaboration beyond the launch point.”
Dragos Giugula
Founder of WoYoTi
I Can Help You
  1. if you are an early-stage entrepreneur looking for strategy and product directions, identifying your main roadblocks, and implementing the right process to move fast with budget constraints.
  2. if you are an experienced entrepreneur looking for personal coaching, losing the bad company habits, and improving your product experience and market focus.
  3. if you want to become an entrepreneur but don’t know how to go from a simple idea to really get started with a business.

I won’t be like your friends telling you that what you do is great.

I will ask you the hard questions and propose constructive actions that you can implement.

I don’t work on an hourly rate, but on a mission with objectives that we build together.

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If you like what you get, we can build a mission proposal.


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