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Why should your business remain domestic? Japan’s population is going to shrink from 127 million today down to 90 million by 2050. Don’t compete on a shrinking market.

There are millions of other potential customers outside Japan. Take the opportunity to go global and grow exponentially.

Going global is not easy

We understand that penetrating foreign markets is complicated and scary. Most attempts result in failing precisely because, foreign markets are unknown and not well understood.

Going global involves so many hassles:

  • Dealing with a different legal system,
  • Trends and tastes are different than what’s popular in Japan,
  • Making business connections is uneasy,
  • Your company’s message is not well understood,
  • Treating foreign requests takes too long,
  • It is hard to make foreign customers hear about your service, etc.
We have the assets to make you succeed

We understand these issues and this is why we have built an expertise in helping you going global.
We have extensive knowledge and network. And we can help you design your strategy to conquer these countries.
We work together to understand your needs and your goals. Based on your objective we define together a strategy that will make it easy for you to manage this expansion successfully.
We focus on helping startup and small size companies, as we believe in their agility and their growth potential.

A solution customised to your needs

We offer a broad range of services fully customisable for our clients.

English Website

We help you design, create, and even host your website in English. Making a online page for foreign markets is not just about translation. Messages and design need to be tailored to the markets you want to address. We take care of everything and help you create your landing page so that foreign customers can easily find and contact you.


Each market has its own specificities. What’s trendy in Japan is probably different than what’s trendy in New York or Paris. We help you to find the right fit in foreign markets. We support you in rebranding your service, by redefining your messages, your market positioning, and your design.

Manage enquiries

Having an online presence abroad means you will start receiving enquiries in a foreign language days and nights. If you don’t want to lose business opportunities, we can take care of these enquiries for you. We respond to them in a timely manner and coordinate with you, only when necessary.

Pitch training

If you’re looking for funding, and want to deal with partners, you’ll have to pitch your service or product to foreigners. We understand that this might feel intimidating and so we can help you be convincing, deliver a clear message and sound like a global businessman. You don’t need to be fluent, just need a proper training.

Business Trips Planning

If you wish to expand abroad, you’ll probably have to travel and organize meeting with local actors, whether, partners, suppliers or investors etc. We can support all the planning and organization. Also, thanks to our extended network, we can help you find and connect with local actors relevant to your business.

Branch office setup

You would like to open a branch office? Keep it simple and let us do the hard work. We take care of all the legal and administrative work, find you a great office space and even help you find and hire your first employees locally.

Localization and Marketing

We help you localize your product or service to make it accessible by foreign customers. It is not just about translation. We also give you access to the right marketing channels and make your product known to your target audience.

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