What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

  • Work: Going through many internal changes. What resonates the most to me is how little we can forecast the turn of events, and thus what seems to work the best is to 1) focus on actions (which we do have control of), not on outcomes (which escape our power), and 2) Try to take any outcome (even if negative at first sight) and turn it into a positive thing which serves a greater purpose (in reference to “The Obstacle is the Way” from Ryan Holiday)
  • Driving License: Almost there, I have my final test in a few days. If I get it, this will be my biggest achievement of the year! (overcoming one of my biggest fears: driving)
  • Reading: I have extensive time reading (using Audible) while I commute several times a week to my driving school. Recent reads include Plato’s Republic (which I did not particularly enjoy) and Predictably Irrational (which was a great read after Thinking Fast and Slow in the same genre). I am now reading the last remaining book from one of my favorite author, The Black Swan from Nassim Taleb.
  • Just got my Japan Permanent Residency. A nice feeling, but doesn’t change much. Feels more like an admin procedure I had to go through at some point anyway.
  • I continue planning Christmas vacations with all my family coming to visit in Japan. The accommodation is set and now taking enormous pleasure with Sayo planning our activities and other visits.
  • Yoga: this might be the next thing this quarter… to be continued…

(Last updated on October 4th, 2017)